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Steve Berry

"Every librarian, bookseller, and writer should be reading TopShelf Magazine."

~Steve Berry, New York Times and #1 Internationally Bestselling Author. www.SteveBerry.org

John Evans

"When I think of TopShelf, three words come to mind: professionalism, dedication, and passion. As a new author, I couldn’t be happier having the team from TopShelf in my corner."

~John Evans, author of The Unwilling Recruit. www.TheUnwillingRecruit.com

Sarah Noffke

"TopShelf is truly a fantastic resource. As an author, I've enjoyed working with them and would highly recommend their services. Their professionalism and quality are unmatched."

~Sarah Noffke, Bestselling Author. www.sarahnoffke.com

Jon Land

"TopShelf truly lives up to its name. An insightful journal focused on helping authors, bookstores, and libraries thrive. TopShelf offers polished professionalism that rivals the trades and is a must-read for anyone looking to broaden their market and boost sales."

~Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author of over 37 novels. www.jonlandbooks.com

Brad Meltzer

“If you love books, you need to be reading TopShelf Magazine. Why? Because they love to read as much as we love to read."

~Brad Meltzer, #1 New York Times bestselling author of THE ESCAPE ARTIST. www.bradmeltzer.com

Carole P. Roman

"TopShelf offers a unique opportunity for authors to get their books into the hands of booksellers and libraries without breaking the bank. TopShelf showcases only the best the indie world has to offer, making them the dependable source for finding the latest, market-worthy books."

~Carole P. Roman. Award Winning Author of Children's Books. www.caroleproman.com

James Rollins

“It’s high time indie authors got the recognition they deserve, and I can’t think of a better venue than TopShelf. The magazine has distinguished itself by showcasing the best authors across a wide field of genres and has proven to have a keen eye for recognizing new talent.”

~James Rollins, #1 New York Times bestselling author of 40 novels including THE SEVENTH PLAGUE. www.jamesrollins.com

Chris Kuzneski

"TopShelf is a top-notch resource for writers, readers, and booksellers. Having started as a self-published author, I have seen many sides of the industry. I only wish TopShelf was around when I started. It would have made my journey to the bestseller list much easier.”

~Chris Kuzneski, New York Times and Internationally Bestselling Author. www.chriskuzneski.com

Sandra Brown

“I love TopShelf Magazine's Q&A formatted interviews. Having the answers there in the author’s own words gives readers––fans like me––the feeling that they’ve had a face-to-face with their favorite.”

~Sandra Brown, #1 New York Times bestselling author of 69 novels including SEEING RED. www.sandrabrown.net

Tom Combs

"TopShelf provides writing instruction, marketing tips, interviews, and promotional opportunities that work. Whether you're independently or traditionally published, early in your career or a seasoned veteran, TopShelf provides what every author wants—more readers!"

~Tom Combs, author of the Drake Cody suspense-thrillers. www.Tom-Combs.com

Raymond Benson

“It’s great to have a publication like TopShelf that highlights a remarkable blend of both indie and traditional authors! The presentation is well-done and the staff has been nothing but top-shelf professionalism! And their Book Awards promises to be a significant player in the industry.”

~Raymond Benson, NY Times bestselling author of over 35 novels, including THE BLACK STILETTO saga, plus several 007 novelswww.raymondbenson.com

Bryan E. Robinson, PhD

“I'm hooked! TopShelf is at the top of my list for writers, readers, and booksellers. They keep me resilient in the face of writing obstacles, and my writing career has thrived as a result of advertising in TopShelf Magazine!

~Bryan E. Robinson, PhD, Multi-award winning author of the southern noir murder mystery, LIMESTONE GUMPTION and DAILY WRITING RESILIENCE. www.BryanRobinsonBooks.com

Julie Gerber

"As a social media and marketing manager, TopShelf makes my job easier. They are wonderful to work with and deliver when it comes to putting an author's book in front of thousands of booksellers and librarians. TopShelf is the gold standard." 

~Julie Gerber, Away We Go Media. www.awaywegomedia.com

Micah Richards

"TopShelf is committed to showcasing the best literature while introducing readers to new authors. Their level of commitment stands second to none."

~Micah Richards, Author of Touched by Darknesswww.TouchedByDarkness.com

Mark Sullivan

TopShelf Magazine is an excellent resource designed to take your game to another level. Highly recommended.”

~Mark Sullivan, #1 New York Times and Internationally Bestselling Author. www.marksullivanbooks.com

Richard Bard

"As libraries and bookstores worldwide morph to adapt to the ever-changing digital age, TopShelf provides an insightful vehicle to broaden their offerings and bridge the gap between authors and readers. I’m happy to endorse them."

~Richard Bard, Bestselling author of BRAINRUSH. www.RichardBard.com

David Morrell

"TopShelf is a must-read for librarians, booksellers, and authors. Beautifully designed and packed with news, interviews, and professional tips, TopShelf is a visual delight—something to look forward to."

~David Morrell, N.Y. Times Bestselling author of over 30 novels. www.DavidMorrell.net