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  • Author: Gena Webb
  • Publisher: Journey Fiction
  • Genre: Mystery
  • Availability: Available Now!  
  • ISBN: 978-1946892218

The most dangerous part of jury duty may be when it's all over.Always ready for some in-the-field research, author Carla Williams is almost happy when she’s called in for jury duty. She’s not so happy to discover it’s a high-profile trial for the attempted murder of a San Antonio police officer, especially since her fiancé, Roger, is a homicide detective. But if it’s not a problem for either the defense or prosecution attorneys, why should it be a problem for her? Carla’s conviction that the truth will win out is challenged by inconsistent facts, and high emotions within the court room. Roger would never ask her to compromise her principles, but will he support her when she sides with the defendant and starts her own investigation to find the real shooter? Will Carla still get her happy ending, or has she stumbled into a plot twist she can’t write her way out of.