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Author: Arthur Rosch
Publisher: Arthur Rosch
Genre: Fiction
ISBN:   978-0578207032

This novel has won Writer's Digest Honorable Mention. In spite of its probing subject matter "Confessions Of An Honest Man" is written with warmth and wit. This is a story about family dysfunction, .psychotherapy, jazz musicians, addiction, and The Afghan War. This gripping tale of the secret life of a suburban family amuses, horrifies, and always surprises. It is an original literary achievement. The narrative explores a fifty year slice of life through the eyes of the Kantro family. The story tells a tale of childhood abuse yet it always leads the reader towards humor and tenderness. It explores the price paid by children who suffer from parental violence. Along the way we pass through high school in the 60's, The Summer Of Love, meet Jimi Hendrix, fight in the Soviet Afghan War and make the arduous journey from addiction to recovery. "Confessions Of An Honest Man" is a psychological book. It observes in minute and honest detail the quirks of human nature. Father Max, mother Esther and the four children are portrayed credibly and with deep inner logic. Youngest son Mark is a mediocre martial artist, a weapons collector and a sociopath. Though he is outwardly charming, his father knows that beneath the glib smile lurks the possibility of violence. Mari-lee is a climber, looking to marry the wealthiest man she can snare. Sarah and Aaron seek refuge in creativity. They are damaged souls but as they respond to their wounds we see how they make moral choices that influence their destinies. While working in music, Aaron meets his mentor, a famous jazz musician named Zoot Prestige. The saxophonist demonstrates an approach to living, a funny, flexible world view that helps Aaron in his time of deepest crisis. Zoot defines the nature of Evil in a few pithy sentences. Sometimes there's a fine line between mental illness and true evil. Zoot knows the difference. When Aaron loses his way and suffers his dark night of the soul he remembers his teacher's admonition:"ask for help. Don't be too proud. You can't do it alone. Ask for help". This book is a coming-of-age adventure novel that looks into human beings' deepest motivations. The Kantros may not be ordinary people but they aren't difficult to understand. They want to live, to love, to thrive. Why is that so impossible? These are some of the questions that are explored in "Confessions Of An Honest Man." 


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