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Author: J.C. Brennan
Publisher: TopShelf Indie
Genre: Supernatural
Availability: Available Now!
ISBN: 978-1946865113


"Fantastic characters and a strong plot make Eternal Bloodlines by JC Brennan a story well worth reading! Riveting descriptions of events of the past, as well as incredible locations, provide tremendous depth to the writing and the plot unfolds with plenty of twists and surprises. Intense emotion and plenty of action are sure to please the most die-hard horror fans and a touch of romance adds a nice bonus." Melinda Hills, Readers' Favorite

"With extreme bravery, JC Brennan takes on the story of the original vampire--Vlad Tepes, better known as Dracula. Using her unique flair and style, Brennan gives the story a refreshing makeover, giving the undead an empathetic human touch. Lover's of compelling mysteries will relish this as devilish twists and turns lead to dark and sinister secrets. ETERNAL BLOODLINES captivates from the start and refuses to let go!" Kris Miller, TopShelf Reviews


A series of unexplained murders and a near-fatal accident propel a desperate woman down a dark and sinister road.

Twenty-four year-old Amanda Holston dreams of getting a little excitement in her life. In the sleepy town of Skidway Lake that may be asking too much. One snowy morning, while walking through the woods, Amanda stumbles upon the mutilated remains of a young woman. Hours later, police uncover two more bodies. Just when things seem to be getting interesting, Amanda is in a near fatal accident, causing her sanity to come into question. She hears voices in her head and sees a dark man in her dreams. She blames the delusions on the accident. But the dark man is all too real.

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