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Author: R.F. Kristi
Publisher: Independent
Genre: Children's
Availability: Pre-Order, Available March 28, 2020

An amazing adventure in Russia. Can one cat detective find the missing Fabergé Egg?

Inca the Siberian Kitty can’t wait to visit her homeland, Russia. The detective kitty
Learns that a local museum needs her crime-solving skills to track down a valuable stolen Fabergé Egg. With her trusty diary in tow, Inca leaps whisker-first down a trail of clues that leads into the famous Peterhof Palace located in Peterhof close to Saint Petersburg, Russia.

She learns about the country’s rich history and just how important it is to restore the famous Fabergé Egg to its rightful place in the Fabergé Museum.

With a little help from her furry family and friends, particularly the marvelous little robot, Jibo, Inca can feel she’s close to getting her claws on the valuable Egg… but it’ll take teamwork to save a priceless piece of history.
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