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  • Author: Suzanne Lowe
  • Publisher: Silvergum Publishing
  • Genre: Children's
  • Availability: Available Now!  
  • ISBN: 978-0648390800

The first thrilling tale of adventure, friendship and discovery in the Pirate Princess series.

Meet Lotty, the brave, young orphan whose life is about to change forever. When Lotty is cast out from the Sevenoaks home for children, she meets Mr Jacks, a lovable and very cheeky little dog with attitude! Together they encounter ruthless pirates, hidden treasure and discover the truth about Lotty's golden locket.A story full of excitement and adventure, filled with friendship, humour and pirates! Young readers who enjoy adventurous tales filled with loveable characters and plenty of twists and surprises will love The Pirate Princess and the Golden Locket. Follow Lotty and her little dog Mr Jacks on their adventures on the high seas.