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Author: Alan Biermann    
Publisher: CreateSpace 
Genre: Children's 
ISBN:   978-1480276321 

Young readers will love the legend of the great American aviator, Chuck Yeager, who grew up from humble beginnings to become the first person to fly a plane faster than the speed of sound. This beautifully illustrated book shows scenes of Chuck as a boy in rural West Virginia, describes his wild flights as a test pilot in the U. S. Air Force, and recounts the terrifying bumping and rattling flights as he neared the "sound barrier." The book presents a chapter on what the sound barrier is and why it is so dangerous. The reader can experience, with Chuck, the beautiful moment of success as his rocket plane breaks through to supersonic speeds. Young people will remember always this heroic story and the legendary pilot who took the world of aviation into a new era. From Kirkus Reviews: "Engages young readers' imaginations, respects their intelligence and takes them along on an exciting, real-life adventure . . . An excellent work of children's nonfiction that just may inspire the next Chuck Yeager." From Clarion Reviews: "Beautiful and vivid . . . a portrait of a very human Yeager, a man who was not only passionate and immensely knowledgeable about flying but also an individual who worked hard and overcame significant obstacles to reach his goal."




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