Author: Mary Dalton
Publisher: Independently Published
Genre: Children's
Availability: Available Now!
ISBN: 978-1795415927


Mercy hovered in the back of the cage at the shelter. She knew people were coming through the shelter looking for the perfect dog! Why put herself through more pain? Mercy had accepted the fact that no one was going to choose her long ago. All of the other dogs made fun of her homely face and wide-set-apart eyes. She didn't have any friends. The keeper of the shelter tried to encourage Mercy, telling her that one day just the right family would come and take her home. Aidan was born blind. Today was his eighth birthday. His father had promised him he could get a dog for his birthday. His father wanted a service dog, but Aidan wanted a dog to love. As Aidan came to the end of the shelter, he was disappointed. He asked the owner, "Is this all the dogs you have?" "We have Mercy," he said unenthusiastically. "Bring her to me!" As soon as Mercy stood before Aidan, he knew she was the one. She was trembling and afraid. "Don't you see, Mom and Dad?" he said, smiling. "I can't see what Mercy looks like, and she doesn't care that I'm blind." Follow Mercy and Aidan on their great adventure, proving once again, love truly is blind.