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Author: Elizabeth A. Eckford, Eurydice S. Stanley, Grace A. Stanley
Publisher: Lamp Press LLC
Genre: Biography
Availability: Available Now!
ISBN: 978-0999766170


The Worst First Day: Bullied While Desegregating Central High introduces the next generation to Elizabeth Eckford, a modern-day heroine. As a 15-year-old in 1957, she faced an incensed mob of segregationists and soldiers alone while attempting to desegregate Central High in Little Rock, Arkansas. She was the first member of the Little Rock Nine to arrive at Central High. In her first autobiography, Eckford shares the backstory of the Little Rock civil rights crisis. Her historical insights are shared completely in verse, illuminated by captivating graphic artwork, Pulitzer Prize-nominated photography, insightful essays, and correspondence that will educate readers regarding the seemingly insurmountable odds the Little Rock Nine faced. Due to their dedication, the Supreme Court Brown v. Board of Education decision was implemented, diversifying American schools. This book provides critical lessons that parents and educators will want to share with students while enjoying themselves. The Worst First Day is an anti-bullying book that promotes resilience and encourages those being bullied. Eckford shares her harrowing experiences at Central High to embolden readers sharing the tenacity of the Little Rock Nine despite constant attacks. They remained tenacious and survived the ordeal with dignity despite indescribable fear. Eckford and the Little Rock Nine are true inspirations. Eckford shares how an unlikely friendship with two empathetic students saved her life. Their example encourages witnesses to be allies instead of bystanders. This incredible story of survival will inspire, educate and encourage every member of the family, especially middle school readers. Tomorrow's leaders will be encouraged to follow Elizabeth's example and #WalkPastHate.