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  • Author: Timi O'Malley
  • Publisher: BookBaby
  • Genre: Biography
  • Availability: Available Now!  
  • ISBN: 978-1627473125

This is a passionate Love story about food, the people that I shared meals with, and the lessons learned throughout my life. We all need and crave Love. We seek Love first from the families we were born into and then from the families we attract and create later in life. But it is in all of our relationships that we can offer Love and face our personal fears and judgments. By being truly present with others at the table, by suspending judgment, we enrich our lives and get nourished. This memoir begins when I was an innocent young girl and leads to my travels as an inquisitive young woman, and on to the joys and challenges of mid-life relationships. It traces my journey of sharing meals from India, Mexico and Thailand to the beautiful coast of California. I relate many rich spiritual lessons offered at the table. The lessons learned abroad were valuable in addressing the problems in my personal life at home. I discovered the simple truth: that Love is always available within and is meant to be felt and shared. When we spend time at the table with others, we can bring Love or judgment to the meal. What we offer to ourselves is what we offer to others. By giving our companions our attention, compassion, and understanding, we have the chance to share sacred experiences. Love is in the food and Love is our relationships with others. In this way we are consuming Love. In each grateful moment, we have the presence of Love that nourishes all in our lives.