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Author: Mark Robinson
Publisher: Peach Elephant Press
Genre: Self-Help
Availability: Available Now!
ISBN: 978-0473380984

The pure, unvarnished truth: sometimes the people we work with demonstrate shitty behaviours--this doesn't mean they're shitty people! In the workplace, some managers have shitty leadership moments which impact our employees' personal and business experiences. By developing your leadership brand, self-awareness and the art of bespoke feedback delivery, The Ego-Continuum is the blueprint to unshittify your leadership skills once and for all. Written to help new leaders learn and existing leaders develop, this book provides readers with the answers.
  • The significance of The Ego-Continuum - how narcissism and insecurity perceptions can result in similar outcomes
  • Recognise the intent of "shitty leadership" and that it's all about behavioural choices
  • Learn the two key questions leaders should ask every employee to begin the removal of shitty leadership perceptions
  • Understand that you may not be as self-aware as you think you are and how that enables your shitty leadership behaviours
  • Self-recognise and own your personal leadership brand and instantly witness a paradigm shift in your relationships 
  • Why your staff quit (but some still work for you)
  • Understand the shadows you cast and how they impact your staff and ultimately, your corporate culture
  • Learn the importance of making it no longer about you and why this is relevant
  • How to recognise your shitty leadership behaviours
  • How to build your leadership brand and bespoke feedback delivery

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