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Author: Kathy Joy
Publisher: Capture Books
Genre: Coffee Table Book/Photography
ISBN:   978-0999635315

A Five-Star Readers' Favorite.


Like humans of New York, like the poetry of Maya Angelou, like the humorous hope of Bridgette Jones' diary, browse to happiness in Simply Summer, a Breath of Joy.

Each seasonal Breath of Joy gift book helps you to say the wise words, things you can see only when you slow down.. Give it as a special "Congratulations!" or in "Thank You!" or in "I'm Thinking of You."

Radio personality, Kathy Joy, a favorite D.J. in Colorado, turned her phrases to catch and tickle ears.

Life as she knew it turned upside down when she lost her husband by sudden cardiac arrest. Yet, a creative mind kept nudging her forward. She began to notice at least three beautiful images every day. Intentionally, she'd jot down these memories to acknowledge the good moments.

Speaking wonder became the thread of Kathy Joy's Everyday Celebrations.

One day during a "Breath of Joy" exercise, Kathy Joy decided relief from grief is everywhere. Let's celebrate it!

Open up to a world of gratitude, and view the interior life of Simply Summer. Now, you can take in courageous Joy!

After the loss of her husband, Kathy Joy took the high road in raising her children. Going-the-road-alone cast Kathy Joy into some delicious woodland privacy and orchard-scented scenery. Come antique shopping with a freckled-faced sidekick, or meander among seashells on a friendly, sandy beach.

Take the dive into the smells and sounds of Simply Summer. Kathy Joy's morning coffee meditations and her evening jots of bravery are anything but everyday fare. This is a soul adventure of light... gratefulness... and love.

You can send this image-driven book to someone you adore. This is a sweet souvenir keeper for the price of a packet of postcards.

After Yoga, grab a steaming mug and meditate on the images they evoke. Give yourself a moment to breathe in the happy images of everyday summer celebrations. Treat yourself. Or, give someone you adore a splash of SIMPLY SUMMER.

Follow Kathy here: http: //coffeewithkathy.blogspot.com/
or Tweet to: @Breath_of_Joy
Get notified first on her next seasonal books on her FB page: https: //www.facebook.com/speakwonder/

A 30-day money back guarantee applies to anyone who isn't delighted by this book.


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