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Author: Belle Ami
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing
Genre: Action & Adventure
Availability: Available April 2, 2019! Pre-Order Now!


Ransom is the third book in the exciting romance/thriller Tip of the Spear Series.
Mossad Agent Cyrus Hassani stopped a nuclear meltdown at Three Mile Island and rescued his kidnapped wife, Layla. Finally, he’s gotten his marriage back on track when the head of Mossad, the Ramsad, drafts him to stop a Hezbollah plot to eradicate Israel with a nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse attack. But a traitor mole at Mossad could spell disaster, and the Ramsad creates a black op mission, sending Cyrus and a team of uber operatives known as the Tip of the Spear to Beirut to stop the attack.
La Figaro journalist Zara Zayani, a beautiful undercover French DGSE agent with ties to Hezbollah, is enlisted by her Mossad agent lover, Aryeh, to negotiate a prisoner exchange between Hezbollah and Israel when she by chance meets Mustafa Mugniyeh, the son of one of Hezbollah’s most deadly terrorists. The attraction between Zara and Mustafa is electric. But when she discovers Mustafa is the leader of the EMP plot the stakes couldn’t be higher. Zara seduces and hooks Mustafa, but in the process finds herself harboring fantasies about the deadly assassin.
Can Mossad stop the missile attack in time? Will Cyrus save his marriage with Layla? Will Zara destroy the Hezbollah terrorist who’s stolen her heart? Ransom is a roller coaster ride that will leave you breathlessly wanting more.

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