Author: Paul G Buckner
Publisher: CreateSpace
Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Availability: Available Now!
ISBN: 978-1532961441


Troy Turner is a writer who is enjoying a peaceful life in his remote lake-side cabin. His new home is nestled in a pine strewn Rocky Mountain valley an hour's drive from the ski resort town of Hawthorn. Troy invites two of his old college friends up to stay with him for a few weeks and take advantage of the great hunting and fishing only to become caught up in a dangerous game of hide and seek as they become the hunted.The Rocky Mountains, for all of their majestic beauty, are also dangerous as the friends quickly learn. After a series of perilous encounters and narrow escapes, Troy is able to slip away and go for help only to end up unconscious in a hospital bed. When he recovers, Troy tells an unbelievable and horrifying story.Believing it to be just another sensational story geared at publicity, the local sheriff dismisses his claims altogether until a body is found. Troy remains adamant, but as the sheriff's investigation digs deeper, Troy suddenly finds himself jailed for murder!Troy's only hope is that the sheriff can discover the truth before the trial, but the only way to get to the truth is to get back to the mountain. With reluctance, the sheriff begins to think that Troy may be telling the truth, as unbelievable as it is. When he and his deputies begin to unravel the threads of the shocking and terrifying mystery a massive snow storm blasts the mountain and stalls the investigation.Troy sees a glimmer of hope when he is released on bail only to become entangled in the most dangerous game he's ever played. He finds himself, along with an unlikely group of allies, under siege in his isolated cabin on Hawthorn Lake. The beautiful and serene location becomes one of terror as he and the others hope to survive the onslaught and discover the truth behind the murder on the mountain.