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In the 1960’s, Lyndon Surway, the richest man in the world, disappears while flying his plane. Despite a lengthy and extensive search, Surway is never heard from again. Without an heir, his vast fortune is given to one man, Lucien Baker. While several people come forward claiming to be the elusive Baker, none are the true heir. Another mystery also arises; all the money that Surway had, vanishes with his disappearance. It cannot be located in any bank, nor in his home. Years go by and, neither the money nor the missing heir is found. Decades later, Surway’s hometown of Spring Forge becomes home to the most prestigious school in the country. Out of its two hundred students, St. Clemens High School teaches one hundred and ninety-nine sons and daughters of the country’s most influential men and women, with one spot reserved for the winner of the coveted scholarship. Until now, the scholarship had never been used. Andrew Day, an orphan without any means, is ecstatic to be the first scholarship winner ever. He has big plans for the coming years and knows great things await him. That is, until he gets caught up in what proves to be a dangerous mystery. Cleanly written with little violence, the author has procured a story that can be read from about middle school age on. While a bit wordy at times, which greatly affects its pacing, The Secret Millionaire is a suspenseful and fun read that can be enjoyed by a wide variety of ages.

~ Kris Miller (TopShelf Reviews)