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After completing the training of her first service dog, thirteen-year-old Trina Ryan decides to take on another, this time an eight-week-old puppy named Colton. With her abundant love for animals, she also works at the neighboring barn of Mrs. Brown, so she can ride Chancy, one of the horses. It’s her dream to one day become proficient enough in riding to receive a scholarship to a prestigious school. It’s at the barn she meets Mrs. Brown’s newest border, the mean-spirited Morgan Hart. Morgan seemingly has everything that Trina wants; she has money, is a skilled rider, and owns her own horse, so what could she possible be unhappy about? But when Trina learns the secrets behind Morgan’s unhappiness, she chooses to help her, with the consequences of her actions causing her to reevaluate her own life’s goals in the process.  Starting Over tells the tale of navigating life’s ups and downs from school, boys, evolving friendships, added responsibilities, and changing dreams, all told through the eyes of a young teenage girl. With superb insight and research, the author shows the dedication, patience and skills necessary to train a service dog, along with the rewards and differences they make to the lives of the persons who receive them. A sweet coming-of-age story with a wholesome protagonist, perfect for middle-school age girls. 

~ Kris Miller (TopShelf Reviews)