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From the desk of Greg Iles, comes the sensational, sultry, and somber Mississippi Blood (Morrow, 688 pages, $28.99) the voluminous final chapter in his Natchez Burning trilogy. At its heart, this is a father and son tale, chronicling stalwart lawyer Penn Gage’s dogged efforts to defend his self-destructive father, Tom against murder charges. Tom Gage’s willingness to take the fall for the crime is rooted in a long-hidden past involving a deadly and secretive branch of the Ku Klux Klan. This is a tale rooted as much in the present as the past that confronts our very psyche with the moral ambiguities that straddle the two, and Penn’s efforts to reconcile them. Isles’ mastery of Southern mythos and societal mores has made him the modern day, pop culture version of William Faulkner and the successor to Pat Conroy as our finest, similarly Southern novelist bar none. Mississippi Blood is a dark and brooding tale, rich in neo-gothic overtones, about the nature of truth and the deconstruction of myth. An instant classic.

~ Jon Land (TopShelf Reviews)