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Twelve-year-old Mickey Branfield has asthma, and does not play sports like other kids, instead playing video games, reads and is a wiz on the computer. Being incredibly smart and with few friends, the kids often called him a nerd. His parents, not wanting him to read or play video games all summer, sign him up for a ten-week summer camp, much to Mickey’s dismay. While at the camp, Mickey meets Jackson, a downtrodden plow horse that is much an outcast as he. Feeling an instantaneous bond, Mickey draws closer and upon touching Jackson, something magical happens that changes both of their lives forever. Beautifully written with a timeless message, this tender coming-of-age tale explores overcoming adversity, courage in the face of your fears, and learning who you are. Highly motivational with relatable characters, Mickey and the Plow Horse is a brilliant children’s story about finding the thoroughbred in each of us and following your dreams.

~ Kris Miller (TopShelf Reviews)