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Joey, Billy, Roy and Sam are four childhood friends who grew up in a small town in Ohio surrounded by farms. Inseparable from grade school through college, their lives took different paths as they entered adulthood. Joey, now twice divorced, jobless and having just moved to New York, wants to reconnect with the life and friends he once had. He convinces the men to begin meeting once a week and it is during one of their weekly get-togethers that the men meet Raul, a very successful man with an import business from Argentina. Raul seems to have it all; wealth, looks, style and a wife named Sasha, that any man would kill for. From the beginning all four men are enchanted with the breathtakingly beautiful Sasha, each one fantasizing of having her for their own. But what the four of them don’t know is that she is playing each of these men, confessing her love to them individually, for her diabolical end-game. Edward Dreyfus’ Buddies is an intricately woven web based on friendship, love, deceit and betrayal. Delicate prose, a clear-cut storyline, and unpredicted twist and turns create a captivating psychological page-turner, while reiterating the old message that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

~ Kris Miller (TopShelf Reviews)