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A multi-dimensional narrative about life’s ups and downs told through the eyes of the various characters living on Reichold street. In late August of 1962, Paul and four of his longtime friends are outside when an unfamiliar car pulls up to the old Cantwell Home. From out of the car steps what initially appears to be an average family, mom, dad, two boys, a girl. It doesn’t take long for those living there to realize that appearances are deceiving. As events in this family’s life unfold, it incorporates the lives of many others in the neighborhood. A raw, gritty coming of age tale, Reichold Street is a powerful anthology of various nostalgic and, often heartbreaking stories. Unforgettable characters that showcase a wide range of humanity, Herron demonstrates true artistry in the ability to encompass every emotion in a hauntingly poignant manner. The unpredictability of the plot twists, combined with vivid scenery and stellar storytelling, ensnares its reader and refuses to let go until the final word is read. A fantastic story not soon to be forgotten.

~ Kris Miller (TopShelf Reviews)