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Did you see that Dan Brown has a new book out? That one never made it to my inbox, so I thought I’d cover Keith Katsikas’ The Liahona Effect instead, which proved to be the next best thing. We start with the murder of the modern-day leader of the Mormon Church, sparking a worldwide race to uncover an ancient mystery rooted in a combination of history and myth. At the heart of the mystery lies not only a long-buried secret but also a powerful relic to which the secret is connected. At the helm, steering us through this maelstrom is Michael DiBianco and his wife, Crystal, who happens to be a cryptologist and thus just the person to help unravel the cobweb-shrouded subterfuge. The Liahona Effect strikes the same chords, and hits the same notes, as The Da Vinci Code, only in streamlined form. A sumptuously scintillating tale that delivers on its promise, making Katsikas a potential heir to the throne currently occupied by the likes of James Rollins and Steve Berry.

~ Jon Land (TopShelf Reviews)