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With his unique blend of science, history and terrific storytelling skills, Rollins brings forth his most chilling Sigma Force read to date. In 1903 Alexander Graham Bell, along with his wife, Mabel, rush to Italy on a covert mission to secure the remains of James Smithson––founder of the Smithsonian Institute––after receiving word that his remains were in danger via a trusted friend. Buried alongside Smithson's body, Bell discoverers a secret that could solve the mysteries of life after death, but also the ability for mass genocidal destruction. Years later, it has fallen into the enemy's hands for that very means. Commander Grayson Pierce, along with former Guild member and girlfriend, Seichan, are on the island of Maui when the first attack hits. Within hours, the island is overrun with the terrible evil unleashed. With no time to lose, Gray must make a deal with the devil to have a chance at saving the human race, even if that means the ultimate sacrifice. Rollins creates a fearsome picture in his newest masterpiece. An utterly plausible future scenario, combined with a tightly woven storyline, renders this a stupendous, yet terrifying read. Suspenseful and action-packed, The Demon Crown is a pulse-pounding thriller flawlessly executed.

~ Kris Miller (TopShelf Reviews)