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While Jack Reacher’s clearly a one-man show, David Baldacci offers two for the price of one in the persons of Will Robie and Jessica Reel in the exemplary End Game.  And, interestingly enough, the comparison doesn’t end there. That’s because the path Baldacci’s seminal series pairing takes on the trail of their missing handler the “Blue Man,” takes them to the kind of small, out-of-the-way town Reacher thrives in laying waste to.  No slouches themselves, Robie and Reel find themselves in lawless Grand, Colorado in a kind of modern-day retelling of the classic Spencer Tracy film Bad Day at Black Rock.  Like Tracy’s John J. Macreedy, they aren’t going to stop until they find what they came for, no matter how many bodies they have to leave on their way. This is storytelling of the highest order, at once equal parts crime noir and action thriller fashioned by a master at the absolute top of his game.

~ Jon Land (TopShelf Reviews)