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American Drifter, a romantic thriller pairing the unlikely duo of mega-bestselling author Heather Graham with actor Chad Michael Murray, reminds me of classics ranging from Hitchcock’s Vertigo to Brian DePalma’s Obsession. Its hero, River Roulet, is an American war vet seeking relief from the PTSD symptoms that have plagued him with memories he can’t shake.  Desperate for an answer, he flees to Brazil, the personal Xanadu he’s always dreamed of visiting, in the hope that dream can trump reality.  Unfortunately, his efforts run him afoul of a notorious drug lord and gangster who takes offense at River’s running off with his girlfriend Natal.  The couple’s attempted escape takes them deep into the heart of the rainforest where a shattering twist lurks amid the foliage. This wondrously effective debut from Murray and departure for Graham is as steamy and lavish as its Brazilian settings.  The best book of its kind since Robert Stone’s Dog Soldiers and a stunning, angst-riddled triumph of romantic suspense.

~ Jon Land (TopShelf Reviews)