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Were it not for the act of a few brave souls on a top-secret mission, Germany might have won the war. A closely guarded secret at the time, was that in the years leading up to 1943, the German's were closer than anyone realized to making the atomic bomb. In England, a secret committee called the SOE (Special Operations Executive) was formed to deal with that threat. What stood in the way of Germany's atomic bomb was but a few brave men. It is March of 1942 and Kurt Nordstrom has given up everything to join the British in their fight against the Nazi's. Given the secret evidence of the German's progress at the Norsk Hydro Plant in Norway, Nordstrum commandeers a steamer, bringing the information to a top scientist in England. There he is recruited by the Free Norwegian Army to become an SOE operative to infiltrate the impregnable, heavily guarded plant. Parachuted into an unforgiving terrain, battling against the harshest weather conditions imaginable, in a battle against time, the men know there's little chance of surviving. Based on a true story, The Saboteur is an incredibly awe-inspiring novel of complete sacrifice and raw heroism. Written with intense, action-packed scenes, and a heart-stopping climax, this historical wartime story is absolutely captivating. A must-read for lovers of historical fiction/non-fiction and for those who enjoy a masterfully written action book alike.

~ Kris Miller (TopShelf Reviews)