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In 1971 a nineteen-year-old Gavin Oliver and his girlfriend Tilda visit an abortion clinic in California to end an unwanted pregnancy. Things take an unexpected turn and their relationship does not survive the aftermath. Thirty-six years later, the day after a bitter battle in the workforce appoints Gavin as the new owner of the ad agency, he receives an unexpected visitor. Tilda's daughter Rose has shown up with an old yearbook and letters in hand––asking questions he's not ready to answer. Over the course of eight days, secrets are uncovered that threaten his marriage of twenty-nine years, his business, and quite possibly his life in this compelling debut novel. Timothy Sunderland touches on the oft-taboo social subjects of abortion, homosexuality, homelessness, and alcoholism in a realistically insightful way. The protagonist is endearingly flawed, pulled in various directions while trying to make the right choices. Rules for Giving is a reflective coming of age story of a man in a mid-life crisis, complete with a tight storyline of corporate espionage, deep-rooted secrets, and regret.

~ Kris Miller (TopShelf Reviews)