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David Bell writes so well that even the dark world he creates in Bring Her Home (Berkley, $16.00, 464 pages) shines under the light of his talent for bringing the seedy side of small-town America to life.

That unsavory underbelly people love to pretend doesn’t exist, in both fact and fiction, springs to life in the form of Bill Price, a kind of everyman who’s already lost his wife to tragedy when his daughter disappears. Once she’s found, nearly beaten to death, it opens the doors to terrible truths Price never imagined he’d have to face, as he’s left to confront the reality of much of what he held dear has been a lie. 

Like Lisa Gardner and Harlan Coben, Bell imagines a suburban world where no one really knows what’s happening behind all those drawn blinds.  In Bell’s take, though, even the people inside don’t really know what’s happening.  That’s where his brilliance, and the brilliance of Bring Her Home, rests. 

~ Jon Land (TopShelf Reviews)