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Matthew Betley plants his literary flag squarely in territory mined so expertly by the likes of Brad Thor, Brad Taylor and the late great Vince Flynn in the superb Oath of Honor (Atria, $26.00, 404 pages), his second thriller to feature marine Logan West. The action opens when West is dispatched to Alaska on the trail of a Russian plot to steal cutting edge American technology, potentially giving them the upper hand in the next big war, or some version of it.  Talk about timely, right?  Except, in true thriller form, West finds pretty much everything but what he and his bosses were expecting, and ends up embarking on a wild, cross-continent trek in search of the ever elusive truth that may otherwise lead to global catastrophe. Oath of Honor seems cut from the classic cloth of Alistair McClean’s Ice Station Zebra, much more than a military-themed tale even with Betley’s real life military experience.  This is thriller writing of the highest order, beautifully chronicling the new Cold War and perfect to devour on a cold late winter night.

~ Jon Land (TopShelf Reviews)