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Shelby Truman and Eddie Newcott grew up on Chicory Lane, in the quiet town of Limite, Texas. The beautiful boy across the street was Shelby's constant in life; a best friend––sometimes more. Over the years, their lives took very different paths. Shelby became an international bestselling romance author, while Eddie currently sits on death row, awaiting execution for a heinous murder. Days before his execution, Eddie requests a final visit from Shelby after years of silence. As Shelby returns to her hometown, she begins reflecting on their five-decade friendship, and the evil that permeated their lives in the summer of 1966. Taking you from the past, through to the present of Shelby and Eddie's friendship, Raymond Benson pulls at the heartstrings in this tragic tale. Peppered with nostalgia, love, heartbreak, and melancholy, the narrative is profoundly entrancing and fast-paced. Part mystery, part reflective coming-of-age, The Secrets of Chicory Lane ensnares readers in its dense web, refusing to let go, even long after its jaw-dropping conclusion.

~Kris Miller (TopShelf Reviews)