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Mystery In Egypt - An Exciting New Episode For Dr. Hope Sze!


Canadian author Melissa Yi, the nom de plume for Melissa Yuan-Innes, MD, is a physician who works in the emergency room and whose primary interest is health education, writing columns for The Medical Post and publishing studies on medical matters. Her mystery series – HOPE SZE MYSTERIES now is comprised of eight volumes, of which SCORPION SCHEME is Book 8. Hope Sze has become a treasured character in the hands of Melissa Yi – Sze is a medical resident in Canada whose penchant for solving mysteries provides fine fodder for the Hope Sze Mystery Series. One of the many reasons Dr Sze’s adventures ring so well is the author’s obvious gift for relating the medical information aspects of the novel with veracity, underling the credibility of her character. But it is the wit, humor, and romantic touches that align the novel with the ancient history aspects of Egypt and the intriguing mysteries unfolding that make this novel special. A first class book deserving a side readership!

~Grady Harp