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"Beauty Can Thrive In The Most Hostile Environments. It Is Within All Of Us, Just Waiting To Emerge" 


A memoir of extraordinary sensitivity, mirth, madness, setbacks and triumph, Vince opens by sharing, ‘‘My entire life I’ve been searching for beauty – in the skincare industry, in my outward appearance, and within myself….To truly understand my journey, I need to first take you back to my upbringing, through my family’s neuroses, my torments, adversities, phobias, and lovers. Each played a significant part. Only I knowing m past will you be able to understand my present.’ And from that blast off Vince escorts us through a life that is at once laudable in accomplishments, deeply touching in his personal revelations about gender preferences and extensive therapy sessions, witty and often hilarious in the manner in which he expresses his encounters, and impressive in his contributions to the beauty industry. The result – one of the most entertaining (and informative) overview of a life of significance yet to be shared in a memoir.

~Grady Harp