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"Family Is The Strongest Of Foundations... The Best Gift We Could Have Gotten This Mother's Day" 


A collection of authors provide well-chosen romances to share in this compendium of works they call A SEA GLASS BAY ROMANCE BOOK. California author Anna J Stewart, Canadian author Kayla Perrin, Oregon author Melinda Curtis, and South Carolina author Cari Lynn Webb. The characters of each of theses four novellas find not only the location of Sea Glass Bay in common, but they also interrelate in a manner that makes the stories not only strong individually, but also when taken as a collection they grow in sensitivity and beauty. A major tie-in is that time of year as Mother’s Day approaches, allowing the spotlight to illuminate the challenges and successes of each character’s needs. With Mother’s Day approaching, four women living in a picturesque coastal town discover a second chance at love when they finally find their happily-ever-after partners. Each of the four contributing authors makes a strong impression in this sensitive and positive life-enhancing book – individually and in tandem. Feel good romance collections are too rare these days when emphasis in the media – including books! – is on social problems and discontent. Settle in for happy-ever-after analects!

~Grady Harp