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"No One Deserved To Die Like This" ~ More Terrific Action from Brad Coulter!


Author Dwayne Clayden offers Book 5 of his Brad Coulter Series with GODDESS OF JUSTICE. He has a depth of experience as a police officer, paramedic, tactical paramedic, firefighter, emergency medical services chief, and educator. In electing to succeed with an ongoing series of novels, the primary hurdle is to create a chief character who is able to sustain interest and suggest imagination for episodes beyond the initial story. Dwayne has achieved this brilliantly in his wholly credible Brad Coulter – a Canadian cop whose acumen in performing his duties is spot on, as is his irresistible personality. His writing style is so attuned to the multiple aspects of this fine story, a fusion of skills, danger, and yes, humor, that the novel speeds by like a bullet. Read one volume and an addiction results: bring on the next! GODDESS OF JUSTICE in one fine novel by a man who knows the arena! Highly recommended.

~Grady Harp