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The Fountain Knows What's In Your Heart...



Canadian author Suzy Vadori writes for the Young Adults audience. She is employed as an Operations Executive and is an involved member of the Calgary Writers' community, serving as When Words Collide (a Calgary Festival for Readers and Writers) Program Manager for Middle Grade and Young Adults. Her evenings are her hours for exploring her passion for writing Young Adult novels, of which WALL OF WISHES is Book 3 of THE FOUNTAIN series. She lives in Calgary, Alberta.

THE FOUNTAIN is a series and it is rewarding to know that Suzy maintains the same atmosphere and place for the third installment – the boarding school of St. Augustus, with the nearby woods and paranormal fountain continue to play a prominent role. The tension persists as this volume opens with Ava’s thoughts: “I dragged my hand along the cold stone of the St. Augustus hallway. The walls held secrets. Secrets I’d unleashed with my own selfishness. I’d made a careless wish that I’d carry with me forever. My hand shook as it trailed behind me. I wish that St. Augustus had never heard of Courtney or her family. The wish I’d made in the fall was never far from my thoughts. It colored every day I was here and I wanted to be free of it. My stomach churned. The feeling had followed me home at Christmas break. Or, at least to the home of my new reality…Who would I be if I’d never found the fountain. The question haunted me…’ In that fine brief moment the mood of the series is set well.

And on to the plot – ‘Save the fountain or risk being erased. Hidden deep in the woods is a fountain that has granted St. Augustus students' wishes for nearly a century, including the wish responsible for Ava's very existence. When she learns that the woods will soon be destroyed to make way for a new road, Ava must do whatever it takes to
save the fountain, or risk her own life being erased. New girl Courtney knows more about the school's magic than she's letting on and has something to gain from the fountain's destruction. Joining forces with Courtney seems the only way to stop the road, but Ava and Courtney share a thorny past. Trusting her is impossible, but if she doesn't, Ava could disappear forever.’

The perfect balance between reality and fantasy and the mystery that overshadows the book is very well balanced with the plot, making this book as successful as the initial volumes in this excellent series. Suzy Vadori continues to impress, and her Young Adult audience grows!

~Grady Harp