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Excellent style… a pleasure to read



The distinctive click of a hammer being pulled on a rifle behind his head made it awfully clear to James Madison Robertson why his horse didn't want to move. But, Two Fingers McCracken doesn't want money or supplies; the Metis demands assistance. His daughter's been kidnapped, and the man responsible knows McCracken's face. James agrees, but the Civil War veteran doesn't realize the situation is far more complicated than anticipated. Ms. McCracken is a pawn in a far bigger struggle. Getting out alive and staying out of jail will take all of James's intellect. Set a few years after the American civil war and based on a real situation that happened in 1880, Two Indians and a Dead Man, by C. Forrest Lundin is a historical "who dun it" mystery. The author's writing style is excellent, and the book is easy to follow and a pleasure to read. However, the climax left me feeling somewhat dissatisfied.

~Jenn Kraft, TopShelf Reviews