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Daglow is a true wordsmith and a master storyteller



When teacher-turned-deckhand Steve Ondelle is framed for the killing of a San Francisco Supervisor, he tumbles into a world of billion-dollar deals and bizarre sexual adventures, a world where hard evidence depicts him as a misfit who turns to murder. To expose these freshly-minted lies, Steve must first make peace with a lifetime of painful truths. He travels from the piers of Sausalito to the penthouses of San Francisco, with unlikely allies like Leonard the Human Statue, Eli of the Coral Reef, The Prophet of Market Street. And Liam the Fog Seller. Winner of the 2019 TopShelf Book Awards in the category of Mystery, Don Daglow's The Fog Seller is an absolute MUST READ! Daglow is a true wordsmith and a master storyteller. TopShelf gives The Fog Seller a firm 5 STARS and our highest recommendation. Read this book!

~TopShelf Reviews