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A good murder mystery… cinematic quality

Life in Woodland Park is just returning to normal after the town's first-ever Pumpkin Fest nearly took the life of private eye, Jonas Kirk when the gruesome remains of two siblings are found outside the local theater. An incident that indicates the presence of a newly born serial killer whose apparent M.O. is to mimic the killings of innocents from popular crime thrillers such as Seven and Zodiac. Assisting the police investigation, Jonas is in a desperate race against time to solve the case before more victims fall to the mad, sadistic killer. The Marquee Murders, while certainly showcasing a creative and intriguing story, is marred by the author's peculiar style, where, frequently, certain words such as he, she, and it are not included in describing the actions of characters. Also, characters are sometimes over descriptive in dialogue. The novel would significantly benefit from having the grisly murder take place right at the start, quickly drawing in readers, then establish characters, instead of spending time in the opening pages diving into the lives and inner monologues of the characters. Despite its problems, there is a good murder mystery here that manages to display a cinematic quality that, in its own way, is oddly engaging, and if reorganized and polished, could easily compete with any significant example of the genre.

~Donald Richard, TopShelf Reviews