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A Sci-Fi fantasy romp with heart and humor



Harold Goldfarb is a sixty-year-old retiring actor who's only looking for some peace and contentment in his advancing years. In the middle of the night, he is visited by an otherworldly being (who looks remarkably like Mel Brooks), and Harold's whole world, or what he thinks is his world, is turned upside down. Harold is tasked with an outrageous assignment. The fate of mankind depends on what he does next. Still Harping On My Daughter by Marc S. Silver wasn't at all what I was expecting from the title. A Sci-Fi fantasy romp with heart and humor, God and aliens, bird-monsters, and all kinds of peculiar twists that lead to the most fantastic places. Witty and well written. The author clearly has a great sense of humor, and it comes across in this fun book. Well worth the read, you will not be disappointed.

~Michael Rowland, TopShelf Reviews