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Hooked me hard! Should be Mandated Reading!



Becky Kueker thought she had it all––publishing a new book and launching a national speaking career traveling the country at age 75––what more could you ask for? It wasn't until a complicated surgery landed her in a wheelchair confronted with endless rehab when her life turned toward a new direction. Fighting fear, depression, and the realization that she would (once again) have to start over, Kueker shares her journey, finding humor every painful step of the way. A Classic in Clown Shoes hooked me hard, immediately transported to lunch with a trusted older friend, who shared with me her deepest secrets. Parts of this book had me in stitches, with tears streaming my face. It's refreshing to read advice from a woman who has conquered every hill and field of battle in the modern sense. A Classic in Clown Shoes should be a stocking stuffer for anyone over 35 and mandated reading if over 50. Heck, before you cash out your IRA, your financial planner should hand you a copy of this book.

~TopShelf Reviews