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A Real Potboiler, Chock Full Of Intrigue And Good Old Fashioned Salty New England Attitude!



Tenth in the long-running Mike Bowdich series of thrillers, Almost Midnight follows the exploits of Mike Bowdich, a battle-hardened Maine State game warden who is loyal to his good friend, Billy Cronk, a veteran of Afghanistan who is imprisoned for a crime that Mike personally witnessed. Feeling responsible for his friend's incarceration, Mike is still reticent to follow through on a desperate request from Billy to investigate the background of a female prison guard with a mysterious past. He inadvertently gets swept in though, after an instance of extreme violence at the prison leaves one prison guard dead and both Billy and the aforementioned female guard injured. In the middle of this Mike receives a phone call from a distant mountain valley where a wolf hybrid named shadow, an animal he once cared for, has been shot with a crossbow and is clinging to life. While it looks like Billy may gain a pardon by the Maine governor for his heroic actions in the prison attack, Mike goes up north to investigate and find the identity of the bowman who attacked his wolf-dog, the lives of Billy's family suddenly comes under threat as members of the prison's own staff are shown to be under suspicion in the attack that injured Billy. All of this leads to a thrilling climax that will leave you breathless and completely satisfied with this seasoned just "write" New England dish of a crime thriller!

~Donald Richard, TopShelf Reviews