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Alan Jacobson Channels His Inner Thomas Harris!

Our old friend, FBI profiler Karen Vail, returns in the pulse-pounding The Darkness of Evil (Open Road, $16.99, 486 pages) that finds Alan Jacobson channeling his inner Thomas Harris.

That was my first thought, especially in comparison to Red Dragon, when the book made a plot point out of a convicted serial killer reaching out to someone outside the prison in which he will (probably) spend the rest of his life.  Roscoe Lee Marcks actually claims more victims to his credit than even Hannibal Lecter, but as a letter to his newly published daughter indicates, he may not be done yet.  Enter the stalwart Vail racing the clock in a fiendish game of wits with a killer who’s every bit her equal.

Other thriller writers dabble in the “profiler” sub-genre.  But nobody nails this kind of book better and more consistently than Jacobson.  He continues to reach for more in each successive title, The Darkness of Evil being his biggest and most ambitious yet.

~Jon Land (TopShelf Reviews)