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A Well-Written Memoir That Makes Us Long To Plan Our Own Memorable Adventure!



It’s been 50 years since seven lads went on an adventure of a lifetime as they drove through the heart of France and Spain in 1969. Morocco or Bust ’69 is a heart-felt Coming of Age ripped straight from the journal written, at the time, by one of the seven. It was a bitterly cold December evening in 1968, when the seven sat around a beer-stained table in a smoke-ladened watering-hole, and hashed out plans for what would become the vacation of all vacations. Author, Michael Rowland––one of the seven––does a phenomenal job putting us in the heart of each moment along this incredible journey. Morocco or Bust ’69 is a well-written memoir that makes us long to unplug from our demanding lives and plan our own memorable adventure.

~ Rebecca Katsikas, TopShelf Reviews