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A Masterfully Written Book That Refuses To Be Put Down!


Intense drama and intrigue draws readers in and forces them along a taut high-wire, grasping on to every word as the cliffhanger mystery of King Arthur’s tomb unfolds. Legends have been passed down for centuries from Celtic lore to American folktale of King Arthur and his demise, but the location of his tomb and the vast treasures he took with him have never been located, despite massive efforts of treasure hunters. Rare book authenticator Carys Jones has always believed in truth. Truths she can find in research of rare and old books, or carbon date in a science lab––verifiable truth. She never gave much thought to the legends of King Arthur, that is until she stumbles upon an ancient manuscript, which she verifies is by a monk in the early sixth century, believed to be a protector and comrade of King Arthur and his people. The manuscript leads Carys down a dangerous rabbit hole in search of King Arthur’s final resting place. But she has no idea the gruesome lengths her adversaries will go to stop her. Suspense and mystery to the very last page will leave readers gasping. Ghost Manuscript is a masterfully written book that refuses to be put down!

~ Sharon Isbell, TopShelf Reviews