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A Believable and Vulnerable Character that You’ll Remember Long After the Final Page is Turned!

Shelby Richmond was a popular, self-absorbed teenager. But the aftermath of a tragic car accident that has her best friend in an endless coma has her suffering a profound sense of worthlessness because she was the driver. After pushing everyone away and spending time in a psychiatric facility for cutting her wrists, Shelby has resigned to her parents’ basement where she has shaved her head as penance for her sins. But then she starts getting these postcards. Little drawings and cryptic messages like “Do something” or “Save something” or “Trust someone.” These postcards always seem to come at just the right moment. FAITHFUL is a beautifully written story with a sense of immediacy, thrusting the reader deep into life and mind of a young woman for whom everything seems false and useless. Who is her secret “angel.” Is she going to be okay? Will she ever regain her sense of self? Shelby is a believable and vulnerable character that you will think about long after the last page has been turned.

~Rosemary Fifield (TopShelf Reviews)

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