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An Emotionally Wrenching And Riveting Tale That Bleeds Heartfelt Emotion



Given the title, I first took Deborah Vadas Levison’s The Crate (Wild Blue Press, $12.99, 358 pages) for a horror story. Turned out I was both wrong . . . and right. That’s because the Holocaust forms the backdrop for this ambitious and bracing true tale about survivors—Levison’s parents—seeking respite from their tortured past by settling in an idyllic lakeside home. They find anything but that in the contents of a mysterious crate uncovered in the basement that leads them down the road to murder and mayhem. Their obsession with solving the crime lies in vanquishing the demons they couldn’t defeat by slaying others they can. Drawn directly from her family’s own Holocaust experience and what followed, Levison has crafted an emotionally wrenching and riveting tale that bleeds heartfelt emotion on every page.

~Jon Land, TopShelf Reviews