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Heartfelt Christian Romance!



Riddled with fear of ghosts from her past, Trish, is scared and alone. Determined to move forward with her life, she turns her faith and love to God. Her overbearing, self-absorbed mother offers more love to the dog than to her as she sends Trish on last minute errands and alcohol runs for her father. Trish is ashamed and conflicted with these errands, but feels the need to obey her parents. Trish’s sister is a turnstile for lovers and has had her own run in with the law making Trish the target of the gossip mill at her own hair salon. It is through divine intervention that she turns a chance encounter that she is able to open her heart and learn to trust, not only herself, but the Michelli family. But Trish isn’t the only one fighting off demons. Diego Michelli must find personal strength and come to terms with his past. Diego finds himself drawn to Trish who brings him back to the light of God. It is through Divine grace that each of them is able to find a way to love themself as well as each other. Destiney by Design is a heartfelt, feel-good Christian novel with the perfect blend of mystery, romance, fear, love, and just the right amount of verse.

~Sharon Isbell, TopShelf Reviews