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Simply put… the best Murder, She Wrote mystery ever penned.



To say that MURDER IN RED is the ultimate page-cranking mystery would be the greatest understatement ever told. Jon Land’s ability to captivate readers is simply unparalleled, and the man never fails to impress. Simply put… the best Murder, She Wrote mystery ever penned. Land keeps the suspense high, and the mystery steeped in darkness, maintaining reader intrigue from the very first word to the shocking last. As the story unfolds, it's like we're actually solving the crimes of Cabot Cove alongside the famed murder-mystery author, Ms. JB Fletcher. But it doesn't take long for Ms. Fletcher to discover that she’s entangled in an all too real––all too close to home––mystery of her own, as she attempts to peel back the layers of truth shrouding the mysterious death of her friend, Mimi. Ms. Fletcher goes where the police haven’t in an attempt to crack the case, only to find that she knows very little about her dear friend. Mimi kept many secrets, and Ms. Fletcher intends to unravel every one of them. But, the situation grows even more intense when her friend––an investigator from Scotland Yard––suddenly turns up missing. Will Ms. Fletcher be able to solve the mysterious deaths and disappearances surrounding Cabot Cove before it’s too late?

~ Sharon Isbell (TopShelf Reviews)