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An archaeologist stumbles upon a sacred Aztec temple and ultimately uncovers haunting secrets about her past...

While working a local dig, archaeologist Julietta Aguilar stumbles upon a sacred Aztec temple and accidentally awakens ancient spirits. Many of her colleagues walk, refusing to work the site. But when the only man who has ever shown her any real love is murdered, Julietta is thrust into a major crime investigation. In her desperate search for her father’s assassin, she uncovers dark secrets from her past that come screaming in her ears. Twisted Love is an unforgettable page-turner that will keep you fully engaged and guessing until the final word.

Ultimately, it was the cover that robbed this book of a 5-Star rating and prevented us from featuring it in TopShelf Magazine.

~ Sharon Isbell Keith Katsikas (TopShelf Reviews)