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A First-Class Mystery, By a World-Class Author!



A strong woman is a force to be reckoned with, and Caitlyn Strong is no exception. Becoming a Texas Ranger was a family legacy that Caitlyn embraced as she followed in her father’s and grandfather’s footsteps. However, she had no clue just how much their pasts would intertwine with her present. A warranty delivery turned shot out, resulting in the deaths of several guns-for-hire, leads Caitlyn down a path––a dark recess of her father’s past kept secret for decades. Fixated on solving this now personal puzzle––despite warnings firing at her from all angles––Caitlyn’s determination holds no bounds. Mystery, legend, and the threat of sudden death keep you glued to every page as you solve a mystery that may forever plague the famous Texas Ranger.  A gratifying dose of old world meets new, as the legendary family of Texas Rangers fights to maintain a stronghold in a world that no longer appears to want them. Simply put, Strong as Steel is one of the best mysteries we’ve read… Period.

~ Sharon Isbell (TopShelf Reviews)