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A gripping tale about a high school misfit, a beautiful young lady with a special gift, and a small town with a dark secret.

UNFOLDING is a gripping, well-written novel following Jonah, a high school misfit suffering from debilitating scoliosis and chronic epilepsy, and his secret love, Stormi, a beautiful young lady who was literally dropped on the town as an infant by a tornado. Stormi is unique. She senses things before they happen. This makes her suspect in the small town where she’s already considered unnatural. So when tragedy strikes, the townsfolk blame her. Stormi turns to Jonah for help, and he finds himself swept into a dark mystery, hidden away by the town for years. Feel the dry, gritty heat of the southern sun, and experience the restless spirits of the town’s abandoned maximum security prison as Jonah unfolds the truth about the town of Gullary, Oklahoma.

~Rosemary Fifield (TopShelf Reviews)

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